Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a custom metal fabricator to create a stainless steel backsplash for your kitchen, a business looking for custom metal signage, or a business outsourcing your metal fabrication needs and in search of a fab shop capable of producing high volumes of metal blanks or subassemblies, Behr Enterprises is happy to oblige. We create stainless steel products for the places you use most, but we also create comfort. Stainless steel remains strong, beautiful, and safe long after other materials deteriorate or become brittle, lose their appeal, or have absorbed more bacteria than the sponge you refuse to use in your kitchen sink.

custommetalfabricatoChris, owner of Behr Enterprises, takes great pride in turning out quality work in a timely manner. So dedicated, in fact, that he has achieved Six Sigma Black Belt certification. The specialized metal fabrication tools and techniques we utilize, paired with Chris’ Six Sigma certification, enables Behr Enterprises to offer the highest quality products and services at cost-effective prices. Behr’s focus on industry-leading quality is evident in all of their custom metal fabrication processes—from water jet and laser cutting to stainless steel fabrication, metal forming and welding, assembly and polishing, and even the packaging of completed projects for delivery. Precise cuts, flawless welds, and lustrous finishes characterize Behr’s work.

While Behr Enterprises can be justifiably proud of their Six Sigma status and state-of-the-art equipment, there is something else behind their success: A genuine desire to make every customer a life-long client. Chris and his team of metal fabricators are dedicated to turning out only the best products, not matter the size of the job. Whether it is a small specialty job or a job regularly requiring large numbers of finished products, each will receive the same attention to detail. We would never want to attach our name to something we aren’t proud of doing. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but we call this trait integrity. A man with a bad reputation is a man you don’t want to meet—much less do business with.

We know doing an exceptional job on each project, means you will be back the next time you need something. We are committed to honoring our quotes, and if the job does not change, the quote will stay the same and you will receive your metal work within the stated timeline.

Although based in Wisconsin, Behr Enterprises is capable of producing work for businesses in any state, which outsource their laser cutting, metal forming, welding, and assembly needs. For high-quality custom metal fabrication, fairly priced, and completed on time, Behr Enterprises is ready, willing, and able to exceed all expectations.