metalpolishingBehr Enterprises is a high quality fab shop turning out nothing but the best products with the speediest turn-around times in the industry. Whether you are looking for a metal fabrication company capable of handling cutting services on a regular basis or need a one-time specialty product, Behr’s metal fabricators finish each project to the highest standards. Metal polishing is a finishing process utilizing abrasives to smooth a metal’s surface. Behr chooses the abrasive perfect for your metal, ensuring the finish is absolutely flawless. If Behr is providing custom stainless steel fabrication services for you, the metal polishing process makes certain the surfaces are 100% sanitary. Sanitary surfaces are especially important to businesses like restaurants, hospitals, and schools. Polishing ensures aesthetic appeal while offering several other benefits as well.

Metal Polishing Benefits:

  • Enhances the look of any metal
  • Removes oxidation
  • Creates a reflective surface
  • Prevents contamination of instruments
  • Increases sanitary benefits of stainless steel

There are a few key terms you should know in relation to metal polishing. Grit is the roughness of the abrasive used to polish. Rougher grit, such as 60 or 80 grit, is the first stage of polishing. It removes surface imperfections like scratches, lines, pits, and nicks. The process continues using finer abrasives, like 120 to 400 grit, until the desired finish has been achieved. Buffing is another finishing process, different than polishing. A less harsh process, buffing uses loose abrasives, producing a smoother, brighter finish which results in a mirrored look.


No matter your metal finishing needs, Behr will deliver with outstanding results and quick turnaround. Many of our customers come to Behr Enterprises after being continuously disappointed with other fab shops. If you face these same problems, abandon the metal fabrication company delivering poor quality products which cost too much and take too long to complete. Come to Behr, where our metal fabricators strive to exceed your expectations every time. Dedication to our clients starts by providing “drop everything” service along with the highest quality products at fair prices.

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