Behr Enterprises fabricates the finest quality stainless steel furniture and products for residential and commercial applications. Stainless steel is dominating many industries for its aesthetic quality, strength and antiseptic qualities, including restaurants, home builders, and the entertainment industry. Count on our attractive and expertly crafted stainless steel products to last copious years in your restaurant, home, retail store, or more. Our stainless steel fabricators have provided custom products for countless clients from several industries. We inspect all of our client’s homes or buildings, helping them choose the right stainless steel products based on their space and budget.

Some of our most commonly purchased stainless steel products include:

  • Countertops
  • Accent Pieces
  • Cabinets
  • Tables


Stainless steel is an upgrade from typical steel in terms of shine and durability. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, stain, or corrode as easily as carbon steel, keeping your kitchen beautiful for many years. Resisting dirt absorption, stainless steel requires little cleaning, making it ideal for households with pets and/or children. Those little creatures can spill a full red wine glass, cooking oil, or pure vanilla extract, and you’ll be able to laugh at it. Don’t get mad—get stainless steel. Simply wipe your products with a disinfectant spray occasionally to preserve the aesthetic quality of your stainless steel.

It’s important to use hygienic cooking areas to maintain the health of your family or restaurant customers. Stainless steel is a non-porous, bacteria resistant material. Impervious to fungi, stainless steel is more sanitary and lower maintenance than wood, preserving the quality of your food. Stainless steel also resists heat damage, making it ideal for environments exposed to extreme temperatures.

One thing you won’t have to do is run across the kitchen with a hot ladle full of boiling hot soup just to bring it from the pot to its bowl. You can put your pots and pans directly next to the serving plates on the countertop, without having to worry about compromising the integrity of the surface.

When you’re looking for an attractive addition to your home or commercial kitchen, stainless steel provides a clean and aesthetically pleasing work area. Implementing stainless steel trim or finishes for dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, doors, and cabinets also adds value to your kitchen, due to its superior sanitation and durability.


Behr Enterprises is the number one commercial and residential stainless steel fabricator in Southeastern Wisconsin. We provide custom fabricated stainless steel services, ensuring your product meets your design, space, and quality needs. Our stainless steel fabrication company delivers the best turnaround time, price estimates, and product quality, enabling businesses to operate at maximum efficiency. We provide both delivery and installation services for your stainless steel products at fair prices, saving you the hassle of dealing with lower quality fab shops. When you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable stainless steel fabricator, turn to none other than Behr Enterprises.

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