Industrial-scale metal cutting and fabrication can be accomplished with laser and water jet technology. These two techniques should not be compared against each other, but viewed as different ways of accomplishing the same goal under different circumstances. Both are excellent metal cutting implements with strengths and weaknesses. Behr Enterprises has both laser and water jet cutters, allowing our metal fabricators to offer the right solution for any and all metal fabrication needs.


A large order of precision cut, medium-thickness steel is an ideal job for a laser. Lasers can cut metal up to 5/8” thick at extremely fast speeds. High quality cuts with minimal burring and a small amount of splatter are achieved even when cutting rapidly. Turnaround time between order placement and completion is very short, and there is minimal preparation and clean-up required.

How is this possible? Easy. Most everything included in setup is computer operated. The manual labor is reduced, dramatically lowering the chances of human error. Machines don’t get fatigued. Machines don’t get mad at their coworkers. Machines don’t have emotions impairing their function. Machines don’t get distracted consistently providing high quality finished products.

Laser cutting is an extremely efficient way to cut sheet metal and metal blanks at a very high rate. Curves and angles are no problem, making lasers an excellent choice for custom metal fabrication orders. Behr Enterprises has the machines and experienced technicians to handle any laser cutting order. As powerful as lasers are, there are certain cuts they cannot achieve. Thick, deep cuts are beyond the ability of a laser, as are any reflective materials. The heat generated by a laser can warp and damage a work piece as well, making certain materials dangerous to cut with lasers. Whatever your metal fabrication needs, count on Behr Enterprises to use the cutting equipment ideal for your needs and to provide the best service.


Very thick metals, reflective materials, and heat-sensitive surfaces are all cut to high standards with water jet cutting machines. Behr Enterprises can even cut rubber, plastic, foam, and glass with its water jet cutters. Using a stream of water with dissolved abrasives, water jet cutting machines can cut to almost any depth in almost any material. Even 6” titanium is no match for a water jet cutting machine. The finished cut is extremely smooth and is considered a finished edge with no burring or dross waste. Water jet processes generally give better results than lasers, but the metal fabricators at Behr Enterprises have the experience and necessary knowledge to choose the best cutting method for your needs.

One of the most interesting aspects of water jet cutting is the angles at which it can cut. Water jet cutting can cut at almost any angle you can imagine. This ability makes it one of our favorite methods, and produces some of favorite pieces that we’ve sent out to customers.

Cutting with a water jet is a long, slow process. Lasers can cut several times faster than a water jet through similar thicknesses of metal. Water jets also require a bit more set-up and cleaning than lasers, making them slightly less efficient. Behr Enterprises has the machines and the skilled staff to cut any material in any quantity you need.