It’s not hard to see why water jet cutting services in Wisconsin provide measurable and profitable results. Delivering fast and accurate cuts through virtually any material, water jet cutting has become the preferred metal cutting option for most metal fabricators.

Water Jet Cutting Machines Delivering Accurate Cuts and Measurable Results

There are several components contributing to the success of water jet cutting machines. The controller, motion system, and catch tank play minor, but important roles while the nozzle, pump, and abrasive delivery system do the manual labor of cutting your desired material.

As you would imagine with the use of water, there is no heat generated. So there is no warping, distortion, or melting of the metal during cutting. Kerf width is tiny. Very little material is wasted, much less than laser cutting. You won’t need finish sanding or grinding. There aren’t any rough edges or burrs. With no heat created, the basic composition of the metal being cut is unaffected. The clean finish is not compromised. It’s a smooth, clean, accurate process.

Water jet cutting is also extremely flexible. Using this process allows you to easily cut in virtually any direction. Sharp corners, precise holes, bevels – you name it, we can cut it. Any shape can be processed, even three-dimensional objects.


Not only is it effective, water jet cutting is also environmentally friendly. No dust or particles are produced, making it safer for the operator as well.

Water jet cutting does not burn harmful chemicals or release noxious fumes into the atmosphere, either inside or outside of the building. The extra metal scraps being fabricated are washed away with the excess water into a collection tank we then dispose of properly.

We believe in companies have a responsibility to the community they are in. It’s everyone’s duty to keep the area that they occupy clean and healthy, so future generations can enjoy the benefits of the land and air as much as we have. Water jet cutting makes this a more attainable reality.

Water Jet Cutting Capabilities Go Beyond the Specifics of the Process

The water jet cutting process is so precise it can cut light gauge steel with extreme accuracy. Yet the water jet cutting system is so powerful it can cut through metal up to 10” thick. Wisconsin water jet cutting services provided by Behr can cut a multitude of materials, from stone, glass, and concrete to metals, hard alloys, composites, and reflective materials. Whether you need a onetime specialty titanium piece cut or the mass production of stainless steel pieces, Behr’s metal fabricators provide drop everything service getting your products to you with quick turnaround.

No wonder water jet cutting is the fastest growing metal fabrication process in Wisconsin. No one has done more research or more comprehensively perfected the process than the metal fabrication experts at Behr Enterprises. Water jet cutting has become one of our most popular and in-demand features. Behr also is your reliable source for laser cutting, welding, metal forming, stainless steel fabrication, polishing, assembly, and almost any type of custom metal fabrication services.