Behr Enterprises offers the best metal fabrication services, including water jet and laser cutting, polishing, assembly, and metal forming. Our top quality metal fabricators utilize state-of-the-art press brakes which are highly accurate and perform with precision ground and hardened forming dies.

Behr’s press brakes can form:

  • Mild steel of 24 ga x 12 feet to 1 inch thick x 2 inches wide
  • Stainless steel of 24 ga x 12 feet to ¾ inch thick x 12 inches wide
  • Aluminum of .020” thick x 12 feet to 1 inch thick x 12 inches wide

Compared to older press brakes, our improved press brakes allow our metal fabricators to adhere easily to tight tolerances by increasing forming accuracy, reducing setup times, and decreasing, almost completely, setup piece scrap. With several press brakes, capable of forming up to 220 tons and 13 feet in length, Behr Enterprises efficiently and cost effectively handles our customers ever-changing demands and shorter lead-times.

Trust the metal forming experts at Behr Enterprises for all of your metal fabrication and metal forming needs. Our dedication to quality, experience, and ever improving our metal forming skills makes our fab shop your best choice for manufacturing. If you need a one-time specialty product, or regularly manufactured products which are already formed, Behr is your answer. Metal forming is a skill which takes more than years of experience, requiring a vast knowledge to perfect. Don’t risk poorly formed metal products from a metal fabricator who has not fully developed the metal forming craft. Come to Behr!

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