custommetalfabricatiBehr Enterprises offers an array of metal fabrication services, including water jet cutting, laser cutting, welding, metal forming, polishing, and assembly. When choosing Behr for your metal fabrication needs, whether it is a one-time specialty product or regularly outsourced laser cutting, you can be certain you are receiving the highest quality products. Our metal fabrication company utilizes the cutting edge techniques best suited for each particular job, ensuring quick turnaround and metal products meeting your exact specifications and needs. With years of developed skills, you can count on Behr’s metal fabricators for products cut with the finest precision and finished to perfection. We understand we have to earn your business to keep it, so we make it our top priority to meet your deadlines and budget constraints.


We don’t specialize in one aspect of metal fabrication, we specialize in all of them, providing you with a metal fabricator producing products from start to finish. Laser and water jet cutting, forming, welding and assembly – we do it all at a professional level, allowing us to meet the stipulations of any customer. If it requires metal fabrication at the most precise of degrees, we’re on top of it. Commercial or residential, we do it all without hesitation.

While based in Waukesha, we will fabricate metal for businesses in any location, packaging and shipping it so you receive it in the same condition it leaves our shop. If a client is willing to hire our fabrication expertise, we’re willing to impress them with results. No product request or job size is too complicated for our team. Whatever the size of your order, we’ll complete it to the highest industry standards with rapid turnaround. We live to see complete customer satisfaction with our years of experience.  Anything less is scrap metal.

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Across Southeast Wisconsin and through Northern Illinois, customers have been relying on the precision metal fabrication services from Behr-Enterprises. With a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, we can guarantee the highest level of precision and accuracy on all of our services. Whether you are located in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Racine, or Chicago, we can meet the most rigorous demands of any customer on time and in budget. No matter what services you utilize from Behr Enterprises, you can rest assured they’ll be performed with the highest levels of precision.

Chris, the owner of Behr Enterprises, has passed on his years of knowledge and experience to his team. Every Behr employee, from our skilled metal fabricators to our office staff, is dedicated to producing your custom components in a timely manner, with an incredible attention to detail. When you utilize Behr Enterprises services, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and the best components, no exceptions. The next time you need precision metal fabrication, think big, think Behr.

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Water Jet Cutting

A newer and advanced method of cutting metal, water jet cutting can cut materials up to 10 inches thick. Unlike other methods of cutting, water jet machines cut without heat or abrasive cutting metals, protecting materials against warping, melting, and distorting during the cutting process. Water jet cutting produces smooth, precise cuts, requiring no additional finishing. Water jet cutting is the preferred cutting method when the materials are sensitive to the high temperatures resulting from other cutting processes.

Laser Cutting

Utilizing lasers during metal fabrication creates clean cut products fast. Lasers are capable of cutting aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel; large volumes of sheet metal products are cut more efficiently and cost effectively as well. Laser cutting results in little or no finishing work, meaning you’ll get burr-free cuts and less wasted material. With a CNC machine directing the laser, there’s minimal human interaction and a higher degree of accurate cutting.


Our metal fabricators provide welding services including GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), spot welding, and more. We will choose the best welding method for your particular material and product needs, ensuring you receive a product with the strongest and cleanest looking welds. Behr is the best choice for companies outsourcing their welding needs. We consistently exceed the expectations of our customers with superior metal fabrication expertise.


The metal fabrication professionals at Behr can assemble any product, and exceed your expectations in the process. Whether you need a single assembly or a series of assemblies in a line, we’ll deliver results with the greatest of urgency. From subassemblies to finished products, Behr will provide products meeting your manufacturing needs, in the time and budget we quoted, and perfectly packaged for delivery.


Behr utilizes years of experience, vast knowledge of forming processes, and state-of-the-art press brakes to perform metal forming services meeting your product needs. With our advanced press brakes, we can work with increased accuracy and efficiency and decreased setup piece scrap. Adhering to tighter tolerances means superior results and service. Our metal forming specialists can address any specifications you have, whether you have a one-time project or a steady stream of already-formed products. Our high level of metal forming skills and high standards of quality makes Behr the best choice for all metal forming needs.

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