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Water jet cutting offers several benefits over the use of other cutting services for metal fabrication. Not only does a water jet cutting machine cut through a thickness from light gauge metal up to 10”, it can cut a large assortment of materials. These abilities, along with several other benefits, make water jet cutting the preferred choice for many metal fabricators, including Behr Enterprises.

A water jet cutting machine has a pump which generates a flow of pressurized water. This pressurized water is mixed with abrasive particles and exits the water jet nozzle at a very high speed, resulting in a water stream strong enough to cut material. This form of metal fabrication does not generate heat, keeping materials from melting, warping, or distorting during the cutting process. The kerf width remains small during water jet cutting and wastes very little material compared to laser cutting. It eliminates the need for finish sanding and grinding because it doesn’t leave a rough edge or burr. Water jet cutting does not affect the basic makeup of the material being cut, nor does it compromise the condition of a clean finish. With the ability to cut in any direction and even create 3-dimensional objects, water jet cutting machines handle sharp corners, bevels, precise holes, and more with ease, able to cut almost any shape. Considering how harmful materials are when inhaled, this cutting process is environmentally friendly, producing no dust or particles.


Not only do water jet cutting machines deliver the highest quality cuts in virtually any material, they are environmentally friendly to boot. The water jet cutting process emits significantly lower amounts of dust particles, contaminants and fumes (which can be very harmful when inhaled) compared to other forms of metal cutting. The machine also does not emit any harmful gases which could lead to a fire. The water used during the water jet cutting process is recyclable because it can be used again in a closed loop system. The water can also be filtered out and poured down a drain if you do not wish to reuse it. Water jet cutting machines are easier to operate and maintain than many other forms of metal cutting machines as well.

Materials a water jet cutting machine can cut include:

  • Metals: carbon steel, stainless steel, hardened tool steel
  • Hard alloys: titanium, copper, brass
  • Composites: carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, glass reinforced plastics, any fiber reinforced material including Kevlar
  • All glass except for tempered glass designed to shatter when broken
  • Stone of all types: granite, quartz, marble
  • Concrete
  • Ceramics not harder than garnet
  • Rubber: soft, foam, fiber-reinforced, and very hard rubber
  • Reflective materials


With the accuracy and productivity of water jet cutting, it is easy to see why more businesses are choosing this option. Water jet cutting has a faster turnaround time and lower costs than typical laser cutting services.Water jet cutting machines are capable of cutting a broad range of materials, and eliminate the need to refinish and smooth out the metal after the cutting process. Materials which are sensitive to the heat from laser cutters can now be accurately cut with our water jet cutting machine. Water jet cutting also does not pose the threat of burning the materials or changing their properties if it accidentally sits in one spot for too long. The materials will also stay strong along the cut areas, and will not become brittle.

Behr Enterprises has spent years studying and perfecting this process, ensuring you get flawlessly cut metals for all of your metal fabrication needs. If you are looking for a reliable fab shop, capable of mass producing products for your business on a regular basis and in a timely manner, look no further. Behr has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to exceed your expectations time and time again.

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