Behr Enterprises provides exceptional metal fabrication services, including laser cutting. Laser cutting is the method of cutting specific shapes from sheet metal and other materials. Lasers can cut aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel. They are perfect for creating high quality parts, requiring little to no finishing work. A laser’s aptitude for holding tighter tolerances gives it the ability to precision cut sheet metal parts, producing greater consistency from part to part. Utilizing a laser for metal fabrication means there will be greater accuracy, less wasted metal, less wasted time, and cleaner burr-free cuts. The range of multiple other benefits includes quicker production and minimal operator intervention, resulting in fewer human errors. All of this combined equals faster cutting services at a higher quality.

Behr Enterprises holds the distinct goal of always being your only fab shop of choice for everything related to metal fabrication, including laser cutting, water jet cutting, welding, metal finishing and polishing, as well as assembly. Whether you need a single product or a high volume production of metal parts, we have the expertise, skill, and equipment required to perfect every detail. We are also able to provide both finished products and subassemblies based on your unique requirements concerning each job. For the highest quality products and service, with lightning-fast lead times and ultra-competitive prices, trust no other metal fabrication company who doesn’t hold the name of Behr Enterprises.

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