Machining is the process used to remove material, typically metal, to create parts for machines, tools, transportation, and more. Machine shops and machinists use equipment like lathes, mills, and drill presses to turn material into useful tools using precise cuts.

Our team is trained on a number of machines to ensure you get a precision part.


Machining is the process of removing material on a workpiece in order to create a precise object or part. Here are the primary processes used to cut and subtract material in a machine shop by our machinists.

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • Reaming


There are many types of machining tools, and they may be used alone or in conjunction with other tools at various steps of the manufacturing process. Some tools in a machine shop have very specific purposes, while others are more versatile and can be used for many different uses.

Cutting tools

Cutting tools in a machine shop include devices like saws and shears. They are used to cut material with specific and predetermined dimensions, such as sheet metal.

Boring tools

Boring tools are used to enlarge or re-shape an established hole. We use a jig borer to accurately locate the precise center of a hole and a horizontal boring machine to perform the cut. 

Drilling tools

Drilling tools are devices that rotate to create round holes on a workpiece by removing material. We have a designated drill press for hole making or specific tools that can be attached to other machines.

Turning tools

Turning tools rotate a workpiece while a cutting tool removes material, shaping it to the desired form. Horizontal lathes are the most common type of turning machine used in our machine shop.

Grinding tools

Grinding tools use a rotating wheel to make light cuts, sharpen tools, or create a finish on a machined workpiece. Grinding tools can also deburr and remove any surface imperfections on a workpiece, creating a smooth finish.

Milling tools

A mill uses a rotating cutting surface with several blades to create holes or cut designs out of the material. The milling machine is used to mill flat and irregular surfaces, and also to drill, bore, cut, and create slots on a workpiece.

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