Waukesha Welding Services Meeting Your Quality and Time Requirements

The metal fabrication professional at Behr Enterprises specialize in every facet of the business. Our team has vast knowledge in laser and water jet cutting, assembly, polishing, and metal forming- exceeding quality expectations from start to finish. We even have extensive proficiency in welding. If the project requires welding services, we’re on top of it. We’ll meet your unique specifications every time, with quick turnaround to boot.

Spot Welding Services in Wisconsin

Our welding services include gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and spot welding. Resistive spot welding (RSW) is a specific type of welding involving electric current. Two pieces of metal are held together by pressure from an electrode and then joined by the heat originating from the metal’s resistance to electric current passing through it. Instead of running a weld across the surface, spot welding links metal at a particular point.

Advantages of Spot Welding

Unlike other types of welding, spot welding provides a high concentration of heat at the point of the weld without heat spreading to the rest of the surface. It’s the safer route in smaller or shorter welding jobs. The energy coming from spot welding can be precisely controlled, allowing for a dependable welding procedure. RSW (resistance spot welding) also allows a great deal of energy delivered to a particular site in a short time, typically 10 to 100 milliseconds.

Spot welding does not use any open flame or combustible gasses to generate the heat required for joining two pieces of metal together. This significantly increases the safety of the welders, who are much less likely to be injured due to the absence of combustible gasses with fire in close proximity.

For projects not requiring super specific and abstract angles to be welded, automation is a benefit of spot welding. Automated spot welding machines increase the rate of welds, because they cut out the inefficiencies created by humans and remove the risks associated with baggy clothing or misplaced limbs. Spot welding machines can get the jobs done quickly and efficiently, not even having to use dangerous open flames.

Quality Results Every Time

Behr is known for their dedication to superior services and products. Our goal is full customer satisfaction every single time. Make Behr your one stop fab shop in Waukesha. Whether it’s welding or any other metal fabrication service you want, we’ll get the job done right the first time. Any degree short of this is unacceptable to us.

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